Sarajevo Airport Car Rental


This site is not a car rental platform; it's a personal blog where I share the negative experiences I had with car rentals in Sarajevo. I want to share the challenging process I went through, so you don't face the same situation.

For a five-day trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, I rented a car from the 387 Rentacar company at Sarajevo Airport through I made the payment through Booking, but when we arrived at the office, different fees and insurance issues emerged. To avoid the hassle of finding another car rental company in that short time, I agreed to pay the offered 200 Euro (400 BAM) deposit. This deposit would be refunded within 5 to 7 business days if there were no issues with the car.

I returned the car on the specified date and without any problems. However, even after 10 business days, the deposit was not refunded. I contacted 387 Rent a Car and asked them to remove the block on my deposit. However, they kept delaying. Two weeks later, I still hadn't received the refund. I contacted them again, emphasizing that my credit card's due date was approaching and they needed to refund the deposit immediately.

They claimed to have removed the block on the deposit and that the money would be refunded the same day. However, even after two business days, there was still no refund. I contacted them again, and they said the issue was with my bank. I contacted my bank and provided them with all the information sent by 387 Rent a Car, but my bank confirmed that the issue was not on their end.

After a full two months, the issue remained unresolved. Finally, they requested my credit card statement as proof that the money was not refunded. Even this did not convince them. In the end, my 200 Euro deposit was not refunded.

When I researched 387 Rent a Car on Google reviews, I noticed that many customers had similar problems. Deposits paid were not refunded. I had trusted the rating of 387 Rent a Car on for this rental, but I now understand that it's not reliable.

By creating this blog, I hope to prevent you from facing similar issues. Please be cautious and choose reliable companies instead of trusting cheaper options. Be careful to keep all your expenses related to rental cars for a few months. You can discard the documents after receiving your deposit.

Below, you will see an invoice indicating the receipt of the deposit: 387rentacar 387rentacar

Now, you will see the screenshots they sent via WhatsApp, claiming to have removed the block on the deposit:

387rentacar 387rentacar 387rentacar

Lastly, you will see the low rating 387 Rent a Car received on Google reviews and some comments: 387rentacar 387rentacar

Follow 387 Rent a Car's page on Google Maps for more reviews:

387 Rent a Car Google reviews

As of December 31, 2023, the rating 387 Rent a Car received on Google Reviews is 2.9. I anticipate that this rating will decrease even further.


If anyone from 387 Rent a Car happens to see this and wants to contact me to refund my 200 euros, I've created a Gmail account just for that purpose.

You can reach me at the above email address. However, I won't check it every day. Also, there will be a fee for the hosting + domain I acquired for this site. I created this site with the help of ChatGPT and found a free template, so I won't be charging for the template or site development LOL